Our Approach

A recruitment partner is chosen to accelerate the process which involves various steps like understanding the job requirements and organizational culture, sourcing, reviewing applications, shortlisting, co-ordinating and ensuring constant engagement till the candidate is placed.


An important aspect of any effective hiring process is the Role Structure, which refers to the people involved in the search and the roles that they play. We have a pool of experts who enable us to build a resource pool, conduct workshops and evaluate candidates covering various domains of information technology thereby enabling your business find the right talent. 

At TechPro we believe in following a framework for each search which will ensure that the hire is made in accordance with the needs, values, and capacities of your organization.

Our unique recruitment approach involving need analysis and competency gap mapping which helps us find the candidates who best meet the Client's hiring criteria.

Mid to Senior Management positions require a different approach wherein it is important to understand background, experience, aspirations, traits and thinking style which needs to be based on detailed behavioural consultation. This process is independent of immediate recruitment or filling job positions. We have conducted more than 500 such sessions and this unique framework is what we refer to as TechPro Advisory Placement Services (TAPS®). TAPS is based on fundamental values like trust and human relationship. It has been an immensely successful program which has helped us build our own niche network of professionals.